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Nutri-2000 featuring Royal Queen Cookware

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Information for Regal Ware Worldwide Products
Nutri-2000 is the regional representative for Regal Ware Worldwide / West Bend who manufactures many brands and models of cookware.  Nutri-2000 features Royal Queen cookware, made by Regal, which is only sold from an authorized dealer to you directly.
As a service to you, we provide the links below to locate either warranty replacement information, and as an added service, we also offer a link to the Regal repair parts site in case your need is not accommodated under the Lifetime Warranty provisions offered by Regal Ware.
For Regal products with the Lifetime Guarantee, please click the link below to leave our website and transfer to Regal Ware Worldwide's warranty replacement page.  Please follow their directions to invoke your warranty.
You will need to know which model of your cookware you have. Though the cookware was made by Regal, it has a specific model name such as Royal Queen, Cordon Bleu, Image,  etc.   You should be able to locate the model name in a couple of ways.  The easiest is usually to look at the cover knob, the SIDE of the pan, or more rarely the bottom of the pan:
For products in need of repair outside of the warranty, please click the link below to leave our website and transfer to Regal Ware / West Bend parts replacement page.  Please follow their directions to acquire the repairs you may need. Again you will need to know your Brand and Model name to get the matching parts appropriate for your cookware.
Please note that if your model is not listed, look to see if there is a link or reference to take you elsewhere for that particular brand / model. 
For ordering repair parts and to see a list of models that Regal supports:

If you encounter difficulty locating your model or brand's service information, please send us an email requesting repair / warranty assistance.  If you have it, please include your brand / model information in the email.  A photo of the knob or engraving would be very helpful.