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                         Royal Queen Cookware Features

Royal Queen Cookware offers the ultimate in efficient and even heat distribution. It sports a highly polished exterior and satin finish warp resistant base. Every piece of your sparkling Royal Queen Cookware is backed by a no-nonsense LIFETIME WARRANTY to be free of defects in material or workmanship.

Due to the even heat distribution Royal Queen cookware can be used in waterless, greaseless cooking methods demonstrated at our live cooking shows and in the recipes on our site.

Multi-core T304 Stainless Steel Construction with DOUBLE Carbon and Aluminum Layers



Ever since the discovery of stainless steel, the metal’s unique properties have made it suitable for a wide variety of applications from surgery to aviation. Its durability and attractive finish, ease of cleaning, and resistance to rust and corrosion make it particularly useful in the manufacture of cookware. Like all steels, stainless steel is an alloy or combination of elements. The presence of 11% Chromium gives it the corrosion resistance while a high nickel content gives it strength. Royal Queen cookware is made from 304 thermium multiplex. It contains 18-20% chromium and 10-12% nickel. The longer this metal is used the more resistant to corrosion and rust it becomes! A well used piece of stainless steel cookware often looks better than new because repeated cleaning removes the surface imperfections and produces a hard, dense surface that is much more resistant to rust and corrosion.

The introduction of stainless steel revolutionized the cookware industry since copper and cast iron were hard to clean and aluminum stained and pitted easily. However, the first stainless steel cookware had disadvantages too. Since its thickness did not conduct heat evenly it developed “hot spots” or areas which food was burned and other areas not done enough. Later, layers of copper and aluminum were attached together to the bottom of stainless steel utensils to improve the metals conductivity and reduce “hot spots”. Although this was an improvement, they still did not conduct heat evenly. Eventually a stainless steel cookware was made of a new miracle metal called 304 thermium and combined the best of both worlds – efficient heat distribution and ease of cleaning.

Royal Queen Cookware with its 304 thermium construction offers all the benefits of this miracle metal without any of the disadvantages. This was achieved by using a patented multi-core metal as detailed in the picture above. The stainless steel interior and exterior is easy to clean and the brilliant highly polished finish complements any kitchen décor. This quality construction along with many of the features below permit the modern homemaker to use waterless cooking methods. Cooking the waterless way allows you to serve fruits and vegetables which still retain their color, texture and nutrients since they are cooked with a minimum of moisture. There is less peeling, coring and no stirring or pot-watching.

You may look and find whole complete sets of cookware for one tenth the price. But this is the difference when you pay the extra money for HIGH QUALITY PROFESSIONAL cookware. Nowhere can you get our patented nine layer (not stamped out by a big machine) cookware. Moreover, these utensils have a LIFETIME WARRANTY and cannot be compared to ANY other cookware on the market. 

                                                           Royal Queen Cookware Features

To use waterless cooking methods is very simple. All you do is cover the pan with audible control knob open. When the tone whistle sounds reduce the heat to low and close the control knob. This is very helpful when used with our waterless greaseless cooking methods which result in healthier food.



                                                            Space-Saving Ease of Storage

Your Royal Queen cookware is designed to stack easily with the lids in place for storage. This is very useful if you are short of space in your kitchen to place them individually. Make no mistake about it - this cookware is the finest available and you can verify the authenticity by looking at the stamp on the bottom of each piece




                                                     Stacked Cooking the Royal Queen Cookware Way

Stacked cooking is a good way to prepare a whole meal on one burner. This involves placing one utensil on top of another on the burner. This is really convenient when entertaining or preparing big meals and stovetop space is at a premium. The Royal Queen cooking system is specifically designed to provide even heat distribution and a vacuum seal that is necessary for stack cooking. Keep in mind that the lower pans are better for cooking food with more weight or volume and require longer cooking times. The upper pans are best for cooking fresh or frozen vegetables, fruits or sauces. The very top pan can be used to reheat leftovers, melt buttor or chocolate and warm dinner rolls. All of the recipes in our cookbook can be used for stack cooking.

                                                           Waterless Cooking the Royal Queen Way

Many do not know this but cooking without water is possible because most foods already contain water! American Gourmet cookware has an audible cooking knob which assists you in cooking without water. For instance to cook vegetables the waterless way we rinse and then place prepared vegetables in cold pan. Be sure to fill at least 2/3 full. Cover with lid and heat over low-medium heat until the whistle on the knob goes off. Then reduce the temperature and don't take the lid off during cooking. During this fast cooking process, steam rises to the middle of the lid where it is concentrated and then returns to the bottom thus cooking by steam.



              Royal Queen Cookware Pays for Itself by using Low Heat, Waterless Cooking Methods



          Less meat shrinkage. Healthy Greaseless cooking.

          No Oil or Shortening to use (less fat intake).

          Scrubbing instead of peeling vegatables leaves nutrients intact .

          Food maintains more minerals and vitamins essential for good health.

          Less seasoning needed as it locks in the natural flavor.

          Fuel saving with low heat range cooking instead of using an oven.

          Saves Time in the kitchen - less stirring and pot watching.



In the past fat of some type was used to prevent pots from burning or staining. With Royal Queen cookware and its 9-ply surgical steel construction this is not necessary. The method is as follows. Heat an empty pan until water drops "dance" on the pan. Be careful as the meat will burn instantly if the pan is overheated. Add unsalted meat. It will stick to the bottom of the pan but this is ok. Simply let the meat cook for 2-3 minutes and it will "release" on its own. Then turn over and brown on the other side. Add spices and condiments at this time. Cover and reduce the heat. Meat cooked in its own juices tastes much better than meat cooked in fat or oil. Meat also does not shrink as much using this method.



Quality Features of Royal Queen Electric Oil Core Skillet

Royal Queen Cookware offers a Oil Core Skillet as the centerpiece of our waterless and greaseless cooking collection. Timeless beauty and perfection are the main design goals of this unit. It sports a highly polished exterior and is all backed by a no nonsense LIFETIME WARRANTY.

The heavy oil core in the center of the skillet provides the ultimate in even heat distribution which is necessary for use in the waterless methods demonstrated at our live cooking shows and the recipes found on our site.

12 Inch Electric Royal Queen Oil Core Skillet with Dome Cover

Allows for low fat cooking with minimum moisture. Low heat cooking preserves nutrients in vegetables. Has large 4 quart (1 gallon) capacity. Detachable electrical cord and fully submersible body make the unit easy to clean.



Construction of Royal Queen Electric Oil Core Skillet

Polished T304 superior quality stainless steel resists pitting, cracking and chipping. This skillet will keep its beautiful appearance for many decades. Special grade high temperature oil is sealed between the layers of steel and distributes heat evenly to the whole cooking surface. It will keep foods piping hot for quite sometime after it is unplugged.




Programmable Electric Temperature Probe

Unique programmable heat control allows you to set the exact time and temperature for preparing your favorite recipes. When the set time has elapsed the skillet shuts off.




                            Low-Profile Audible Control Knob with Timer

This is one feature that is most used for waterless cooking methods. This ingenious device eliminates the guesswork and pot watching by letting you know when it is time to reduce the heat to low until cooking is complete. For example: Wash vegetables and put in skillet with no water and medium heat. Wait until the whistle tone goes off and then reduce heat to low and cook until ready.Cover has vapor seal which creates a steam water seal between the cover and the edge of the pan to seal moisture in and maintain constant cooking temperature.



Easy to Clean and Maintain

Detachable electrical cord allows unit to be fully immersible and dishwasher safe. Highly polished stainless steel cooking surface will maintain its new look for many years.


Made In America Since 1911 in West Bend, Wisconsin