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Nutri-2000 featuring Royal Queen Cookware

Cookware Systems for Today's Healthy Lifestyle

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 Our featured exclusive Oil Core Electric Skillets:


Incredibly versatile additions to your Royal Queen collection!


     These multipurpose Oil Core electric appliances are great for roasting, sautéing, pan broiling and even baking! The liquid oil core spreads heat evenly over the entire cooking surface and up the side walls - no more hot spots as with other electric skillets. They look great on the table and because the liquid oil core retains heat to help keep foods warm, they're perfect for buffets, too.


                    10" OC Skillet w/whistle cover                          12" OC w/Dome Cover & Digital Probe   



       5 qt OC Slow Cooker w/whistle cover

                      & Digital Probe...                                                 10" or 12" OC w/Temp Tone Cover  

        features two automatic Rice cooking settings

                    for perfect rice every time!




Royal Queen Professional Cookset Accessories:




NEW!: 9.3Qt, 14" RQ Paella Pan




NEW!   Double Walled Bowl      or       3 Pc DW Bowl Set

Keeps contents hot or cold for hours.



Food Cutter

Include 5 Cutter Cones and Instruction Manual